There is a very famous saying that not everything shiny is gold and so is the world of films. Yes, even though the life of the stars of the film world seems very bright on camera, but in real life also those characters are not like that. Which we see on screen. One such story is of the famous actress Dame Joan Collins of her time.

Let us tell you that he has now made many sensational revelations in one of his documentaries. It may be noted that Collins, who lives in the UK, has told that her first husband had raped her on the very first date. So much so that he also gave them drugs (Drugged and Raped). Let us know the full story related to him in such a way…

Let us tell you that 88-year-old Joan Collins has done five marriages. About whom she has told in the documentary and Collins told about first husband Maxwell Reed that he raped and drugged her on the first date.

Marriage had once become a compulsion…

At the same time, according to Collins, she is 88 years old, but she was quite famous in the 60-70s. She got an offer to go on a date with Maxwell Reed. She also went, but there Reid raped her. Not only this but he was also given drugs. At the same time, marrying Reid later became his compulsion.

Let us tell you that Dame Joan Collins tells that she was raped after she was drunk. After this, when Maxwell Reed married Dame Joan Collins. Then he was offered an offer to spend the night with the old Amir men and in return, he was told to pay 10 lakh rupees every night and this was the worst of Dame Joan Collins and he left Maxwell Reed.

At the same time, according to media reports, Collins remembering that time says that one day I went to his house for a date with film star Maxwell Reed. He brought me a drink. I also drank it as a normal drink, then he also gave me some books. After some time, when he got intoxicated, he raped her. According to Collins, she was a virgin at that time.

Dame Joan Collins married for the third time in 1972.

According to Dame Joan Collins, Hollywood actor Marilyn Monroe told her that she would have to face sexual relations in this industry. At the same time, Dame Joan Collins' second marriage was to British actor Anthony Newley. However, his second marriage also did not last long and after which there was a distance between the two. Dame Joan Collins later married for the third time in 1972.

His third marriage also broke up after some time. This time her husband was Ran Kass. Dame Joan Collins also divorced Rann in 1983 and married her fourth marriage to the Scandinavian singer Peter Holm. After some time, she also broke the fourth marriage and she married Percy Gibson, who is a Hollywood film producer.