How to use two Whatsapp in one mobile

December 11, 2021

 How to use two Whatsapp in one mobile

how to use two Whatsapp in one mobile

As we have already told about our previous post on Whatsapp, now people often have this problem that how to keep their personal number and number related to their business or job separately in WhatsApp i.e. our personal number is that of people. Do not share between and our personal number is known only to our family or relative through Whatsapp. So in such a situation, we think that how to run two Whatsapp on one mobile, so let's know about Ek Mobile Me Do Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye in this post today.

Because we all do not want that our personal number, it gets added among the people through WhatsApp group so that our number is shared everywhere.

how to run two WhatsApp in one mobile how to run two WhatsApp from one number

So for this, the easiest way is through which we can run two WhatsApp from two numbers in our mobile, friends first of all as we know that our mobile phone is mandatory to have an android version and our mobile already has a WhatsApp . should be active and our mobile phone should be of two sims i.e. dual sim on which two different numbers are active.

So now first of all connect your mobile phone to either wifi or internet data. When internet connection is turned on in your mobile phone, then you either go to your play store app or you type parallel space by going to the internet browser then you will open the app in the name of parallel space then you will have install option show then you will see that Download it by clicking on it.

In a few minutes, when the app will be downloaded, now you open the parallel space, then it will first show an option add app and an option will show Control Center through which the setting related option will be shown.

So friends, now you click on the add app option, then show all the social media-related apps on your mobile, so now you select the WhatsApp app and add it to the parallel space, then in a while now your second number for WhatsApp will be ready.

Then just like we had activated our number in our first WhatsApp, in the same way, through adding WhatsApp in parallel space, you complete the registration process by feeding your second number, now your second number is ready, so now share this WhatsApp number with whom Whether you can do it, now it depends on you that which mobile number to give to whom.

What is parallel space? 

Friends, now this question arises in the mind of all of us, what is parallel space, then friends parallel space is a kind of app which is the parallel of all our social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, tumbler, google plus, WhatsApp. Creates an equivalent app, by which we can activate two accounts simultaneously by creating two apps of all social apps in our mobile phone, so this is not fun and good app, now you can also activate parallel space in your mobile phone. Do two together and enjoy with two accounts of the same app.

Advantages of having two Whatsapp in one mobile

Ek Mobile Me Do Whatsapp Hone Ke Fayde

As we have just been told above that how to activate two Whatsapp numbers on the same mobile, so now let's talk about what are the benefits of having two numbers of WhatsApp.

Nowadays all of us definitely use mobile phones with two sims, one number which is known to our personal ie people closest to us and the other number which has to be given everywhere when needed in some form or the other, then if both our numbers If active in WhatsApp we can get all the necessary massages from our number because WhatsApp has become so popular nowadays everyone has to give massage to someone, first of all, he sees his Whatsapp number.

By having two WhatsApp numbers in a mobile phone, which is our first number which is added to many groups by people even if they do not want to, then we can keep the second number secure from the reach of the people.

By having two WhatsApp numbers active, if we come to massage related to our business or job, we can give maximum attention to the massage of that number, it often happens when one of our numbers is active in WhatsApp excessive of WhatsApp group We delete all our massages after massaging, due to which the important massages, website links or any other very important massages we receive are inadvertently deleted, due to which we may have to face trouble. To avoid this inconvenience, You can activate two WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

So how did you all like the Ek Mobile Me Do Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye post, please tell me in the comment box.

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