A Motivational Story of How to Face Trouble

December 05, 2021

 A Motivational Story of How to Face Trouble

A Motivational Story of How to Face Trouble

Everyone has to face some kind of trouble at some point in their life, there is such a time of trouble, which teaches a lesson to human beings, so today we are here to tell such a Hindi story, facing trouble. Going on, the story through which we can all take inspiration.

The story how to face trouble

There was a deep friendship between Sohan and Mohan, both of them used to study together and both of them were also around in the same village, so both used to play and have fun with each other.

Sohan was very calm while Mohan was a bit mischievous but Sohan always used to understand Mohan that he should not do evil or else he can put himself in trouble but Mohan enjoyed doing devilishly so he used to act like Sohan. used to ignore the words,

It was a rainy day and now the school was also started, their school had to go a little far through the river path, Sohan and Mohan always used to go to school together.

It is a matter of one day when the school was off in the evening, all the children started going home, so when Mohan reached near the river, he realized the mischief and he went very near to the river. So due to the slippery Mohan suddenly slipped in the river and he started flowing in the river.

Seeing all this, all the children got scared and started shouting loudly, save, but there was no one except the children who could save Mohan from drowning in the river.

The story how to face trouble

But his friend Sohan, working with his mind, immediately started throwing dry bass lying nearby in the river, so that many basses started swimming in the river at once, then he caught one bass firmly and made it towards Mohan, then Mohan in the river flow. Somehow caught the bass, then what was Sohan started pulling with all his strength and slowly Mohan came out of the river with the help of that bass and thus Sohan saved Mohan's life.

So many other children had also called the villagers, they all praised Sohan's bravery and then sent Mohan to the house after explaining not to do so further, since then Mohan stopped doing mischief, and then Sohan Sohan lived a laugh. Started.

Lessons from the story:-

From this short story, we come to know that there are many such moments in our life in which all of us do some kind of mischief, due to which either we get into trouble or other people have to suffer due to this. That is why we should never put anyone in trouble because of ourselves, nor should we do such mischief so that we get caught in some problem.

And there are many such turns in everyone's life when his courage is tested and often in these situations we all lose our courage and then in that situation we are not able to take any concrete decision because suddenly it comes. In this trouble, our brain stops working.

But the people who are courageous, no matter how much trouble may come on them, but do not lose their courage and face these situations with great patience and bravery.

So that's why no matter how much trouble we are in, we should not lose our patience and work with our mind and then if we work with patience, bad things can also become bad.

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