Know what is North pole and South Pole

January 05, 2022

 Know what is the North Pole and the South Pole


Know what is North and South Pole

Although many people must have known about the North Pole and the South Pole, here is brief information for those who do not know. In English, the North Pole is called the North Pole and the South Pole is called the South Pole. It is the two ends of the earth.


About 6 months day and 6 months night stays at both the poles. The Sun rises in the North Pole around 22 March and remains here for 6 months and on the contrary, the night remains for 6 months at the South Pole. Then by September 23, the South Pole comes in front of the Sun and the Sun rises here for 6 months, then there is a day for 6 months and on the contrary, it remains night for 6 months at the North Pole.



- Whichever country or its borders are with the North or South Pole, there is usually the same amount of time day and night. The countries located in the North Pole are Canada, Greenland, Russia, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, while the Antarctic continent located in the South Pole does not have any type of population.


The magnetic north and south poles are where the compass points. The North and South poles are the poles at which the Earth rotates. That's what people see on a globe.


The North Pole Factor :

  • 1. North Pole Our earth is the farthest northern point where the earth keeps rotating on its axis. It lies in the Arctic Ocean and experiences extreme winters. The ocean around this pole is very cold and is always covered with a thick sheet of ice and mountains of ice float in the ocean. In the North Pole, the layer of ice on the sea is 2 to 3 meters thick.


  • 2 . The North Pole is less cold than the South Pole because it is located at sea level in the middle of the ocean. The temperature here in winter ranges from -43° to -26° and averages around -34°C. The average freezing point of temperature in summer is around 0°.


  • 3. From the North Pole you can always see the pole star clearly in the sky. The pole star is always visible in the north. For centuries, sailors have been guessing by looking at this star, how far they are in the north.


  • 4. The view of the midnight sun (midnight sun) and polar night (polar night) is also seen in the North Pole region.


  • 5. Can be stayed at the North Pole. Although very little vegetation is found here, many types of plankton are found in the ocean water. Apart from this, polar bears living on land and seals living on both sea and land are also found.

The South Pole Factor: 

  • 1. The continent lying on the South Pole in Antarctica. This is a very cold place. Living here is not a matter for anyone. Snowstorms keep going here.


  • 2. The South Pole is difficult to reach because it is located on a mountainous continent that is covered by a thick sheet of ice.

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  • 3. 2 percent of the South Pole is made up of rocks and 90 percent of the ice. Mosses and lichens are found on the rocks. A thick sheet of snow more than 9 thousand feet lies here. This is the reason why it is many times colder here than at the North Pole. The minimum temperature here is -89.2 degrees.


  • 4. The amphibian called penguin is found only at the South Pole. is found exclusively in the Antarctic.