10 interesting facts about famous litterateur Bhartendu Harishchandra

October 20, 2021

10 interesting facts about famous litterateur Bhartendu Harishchandra.

10 interesting facts about famous litterateur Bhartendu Harishchandra

Bhartendu Harishchandra was a famous Hindi writer. He was great from childhood. He was born on 9 September 1850 in Varanasi, UP. His father's name was Gopalchandra. In literature, his name was written as Giridharadas, after which he became famous by this name. Gopal Chandra was a famous poet. 

Bhartendu Harishchandra.

Whereas the mother's name was Parvati Devi. At the age of only 5 years, the shadow of the mother was lifted. The stepmother had no special attachment to Bharatendu. At the age of 10, the shadow of the father also arose. Kalikadma Dai and Tilakdhari servants used to take care of Bhartendu together. On the occasion of the birthday of Bharatendu, who is called an era of Hindi literature, 

we know 10 interesting things about Bhartendu Harishchandra.

1. Bharatendu lived with his maternal grandmother after the death of his parents. He studied at Queen's College, Varanasi for a few years. At that time, only Raja Shivprasad Sitorehind was well-versed in English among the nobles in Kashi. Bhartendu had learned English from him.


2. Apart from Hindi, English, and Sanskrit, he was well versed in languages ​​like Urdu, Punjabi, Marwari, Gujarati, Marathi, etc.


3. At the age of 13, he was married to Manna Devi, the daughter of Lala Gulab Rai. He had two sons and a daughter. Both sons died at a young age. The daughter's name was Vidyavati. At the same time, Bharatendu had a bad habit of taking loans.


4. The compositions composed by Bharatendu are still popular today. An era was born out of his work. Which is taught today as Bharatendu Yuga. There were great scholars and litterateurs in his congregation. Like Pandit Bandrinarayan Choudhary, Pandit Balkrishna Bhatt, Pandit Pratapnarayan Mishra, etc. were involved.


5. He was not only a poet and a litterateur but also a playwright, essayist, social reformer. Bhartendu was the father of prose. He was honored with the title of 'Bhartendu' for his historical works. Since then, all the people have started knowing him as Bharatendu Harishchandra.


6. Bhartendu had composed about 175 texts at the age of only 25.


7. In the compositions of Bharatendu, the love of patriotism will be found somewhere in the description of Radha Krishna's love. At the same time, he was deeply hurt by the plight of society. So he was seen expressing concern in his article about the economic condition of the country.


8. The depiction of nature was also found in the description of Bharatendu Harishchandra. However, he did not get much success. Although he was highly appreciated in the form of poetry.


9. Movement was started with his pen. Bhartendu was not only a famous writer but also a social reformer. He had done important work by writing poetry and running agitations. This was the time when it was said that even a pen has power.


10. Bhartendu Harishchandra had a good command of languages. He used both Braj Bhasha and Khari Boli in his writing. Not only this, Bharatendu adopted English, Persian words in his writings and gave them a place in the Hindi language.

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